The Herd

WBL has always believed in and maintained a line-bred cow herd with an objective to increase productivity and longevity; cattle with high performance that required little intervention from the producer. With this goal in mind, WBL produces cattle that maintain great conditioning and body score with little feed and nutritional supplements.

The WBL cow herd has been developed around two cow families “Bands Sarita” and the famed “Erica Dianna.” The foundation of the two cow families was established with Wulffs Bands Sarita B708 and Wulffs Erica Dianna C116.

The “C116” cow is the greatest Tehama Band 155 daughter ever produced by WBL and some say the best they have ever seen! C116 has produced sale-toppers, bull-test champions, show winners and cattle that are sure to impress.

C116's best noted son is Wulffs EXT 6106, the famed Genex calving ease specialist. There has been a resurgence on 6106 due to his ability to produce females that have longevity, soundness and the greatest set of feet and legs to be found. Longevity speaks for its self; WBL currently has a 14-year-old full sibling to 6106, Wulffs Erica Dianna 9307, in production.



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